Araç Gereç İnsan Hayvan

Yorgo Seferis asserts the following information about the famous Greek poet Konstantinos Kavafis:

“‘Two of my poems have gone astray since I could not find Gregory Naziensen’s book’, said Kavafis to his friends.”*

As this quote shows, most of Kavafis’s poems owe their lives to (exist thanks to the historical texts) historical texts. For this reason poems Kavafis wrote by using the  simple history books have been criticized by many critics. For instance, Timos Melanos, who wrote extensively on Kavafis, never accepted him as a good poet: more…

Emre Zeytinoğlu, Quotes, Present and the Method of Mustafa Pancar




[untitled] / 100 × 70 cm / acrylic on paper, 2010